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Welcome to the Bayview Mobile Van

Our site is located on Newcomb Street between 3rd and Newhall or as the popular rap song, from a local neighborhood rap artist, coins it, “the heart of HP.” We serve the diverse Bayview community, bringing high-quality, specialized opioid treatment services.

Bayview History

Bayview-Hunters Point is recognized as an established African American Southern Migration stopping point for those who chose to venture out West. Unfortunately, now it is also known for the number of citizens living at or below poverty level, high unemployment rates and long-term chronic health issues. These facts are a result of several socioeconomic and sociopolitical events; the end of WWII and military and naval base relocations, the Vietnam war and the introduction to heroin use and the crack epidemic of the 1980’s. These events birthed the “White flight.” of businesses within the community. The flight also revealed a myriad of unhealthy living conditions because the industries that were located in the neighborhoods, that provided jobs for the community also were poor ecological stewards for the community, leaving toxins and cancer clusters in their wake. Many Bayview residents suffer with both chronic health issues and opioid and other substance addictions as a result of the societal ills and government policies that allowed and sometimes perpetuated these problems.

The Bayview-Hunters Point

The Bayview–Hunters Point neighborhood continues to exist and shows glimmers of a return to its former days of glory because the people and the community at large places a great deal of value on its cultural, historical and religious roots.

It is our hope to continue to contribute to the vision of a vibrant and resurgent community by providing opioid treatment, counseling and case management services that includes referral information to meet the daily needs of our clients in hope that the comprehensive care leads to a successful reentry into the community for our clients.

Thank you for allowing us to work alongside you in rebuilding.

Bayview Staff

Karen Banks, BA

Clinical Supervisor

Reginald Boyer

Social Work Associate

Treatment Resources:

Bayview Foundation

1625 Carroll

(415) 822-8200


Women’s Hope

A program of Walden House

(415) 762-3705


Men can phone Bayview Foundation Outpatient or Healthright 360  (residential)


Government Resources

Social Security Offices

1098 Valencia (866) 755-6362

560 Kearny (877) 319-3070

90 7th Street (Federal Bldg.) (866) 964-5051



1440 Harrison Street (855) 355-5757


Cal Fresh  (Food Stamps)

(415) 549-7021

SF Healthcare

San Francisco General Hospital
1001 Potrero Ave
(628) 206–8000

Southeast Health Center
2401 Keith Street
(415) 671-7000

Silver Avenue Health Center
1525 Silver Ave
(415) 657-1700